Project Credits and Story Board

Zia Ullah Bangash(Advisor to CM KP on IT)

Right after taking charge as advisor to CM KP on IT, Mr. Zia Ullah took further the initiative to install the air quality stations across Peshawar.

Jan 14, 2019
Dr. Khalid Khan(Director ST & IT KPK)

Director Science and Technology Dr. Khalid Khan took the Advisor directives further and used this opportunity as challenge. And expanded the initiative to not only be an air pollution project but also to engage and mobilize the general masses via presenting the air pollution numbers and states in interesting manners. The purpose was to contribute in the dream of "Green Pakistan". After hours and hours of discussions with technological and environmental experts, the task was assigned to Dr. Muhammad Zubair to build air quality stations equipped with latest IoT technology, build a mobile app and dashboard as well.

Jan 27, 2019
Dr. Muhammad Zubair (Asstt. Prof KKKUK)

Prof. Dr Muhammad Zubair (KKKUK Karak), a known researcher in IoT took that responsibility with full zeal and commitment. Enchanted the project requirements and expectations, raised the development team. And the project got a kick start.

Feb 2, 2019
Sajid Islam (Scholar Computer Science at KKKUK)

Mr. Sajid Islam was engaged by Dr. Muhammad Zubair for his vast experience in robots, automation and IoT development. As lead programmer of development team, he enhanced the initial air pollution idea by adding many more dimensions.

Feb 14, 2019
Safdar Faheem (Scholar Computer Science at KKKUK)

Mr. Safdar Faheem, a hard working, dedicated and committed programmer worked whole heartedly to cater the varying nature development needs of the project. He contributed to the project in many ways including hardward/web developement.

Feb 14, 2019
A project by DoST & KKKUK